Branches of Science


Physical Science

Physical science is the study of natural, often non-living, matter. It equips students with a foundational understanding of math, physics, engineering, geology and chemistry.

Life Science

Life sciences is the study of living organisms and life processes. It includes biology, botany, zoology and sociology.

Earth Science

Earth science is the study of the earth’s atmosphere including bodies of water, and its place and relation to the rest of the universe. Areas in earth sciences include geology, meteorology, oceanography, and astronomy.

Ms. Helen, you’re simply the best! Noah is so into science and your class. He was telling me all about today and how being messy is a part of learning. Haha Thanks for being such an amazing teacher. You’ve captivated him.– Heather H
We LOVE the info and descriptions you send us on what they did in science and definitely the pictures as well. As busy as I’m sure you are, those extra steps you take makes this class that much more worth it and I’m just sad we didn’t send her sooner! You are amazing at explaining the science concepts to the littles and I wish I had a science teacher like you growing up!– Jenn K
Ms. Helen! You are the best! James was so excited and hasn’t stopped talking about science. Thank you so much for all that you do!– Jena B

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